You know, I have been messing with this add on “widget” so that I can have a few selected items for your listening or viewing pleasure while you are reading all of the wonderful, insightful, highly educated, and respected thoughts of yours truly. (OK maybe I’m a bit delusional about all that but hey, you gotta have goals right?).

Anyway I have been fighting this stupid thing for days now, hence the no posting because my obsessive compulsive side took over and didn’t allow me to think of anything else.

I finally broke down and, dare I say it, gave up.
Well ok not really gave up, but I had to postpone the roll out until I got some answers on the “I need help because I am too stupid to figure this out on my own” Forum.

So anyway I figured I would give you a little something to watch while I dig through all of my coding books, web site reference pages, and consult my beloved “For Dummies” books trying to figure out why I’m having these issues:

This is a video made from within a game called Star Wars Galaxies.
The creator made it to go with a song by a comedian named MC Chris about everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter…

Boba Fett

I did begin one of my newest features which is a polling “widget” I am going to be running various different polls, just to see what the rest of the world, outside my head, thinks about things.

If you have any ideas of polls you would like to see just pass them on and we’ll see what we can do.

To all my soldiers, friends, and brothers in Iraq right now…
Be careful.
I miss you guys and I know that all of you will do the same bad ass job as we did before.
I just wish I was able to be there with you.

To my “Children of the Korn”:
Your up now; show ‘em how its done and piss ‘em off so you can bring ‘em home.

BTW how did all the mud surfing go this year?

You know, there might be something to being a “Fobbitt”, why don’t you guys try it out for once and let me know.
Heh, yeah right if you guys had to stay in the wire longer than a few days you would be chewing your own legs off.

Watch your ass down range and send me some goodies from the hajji shops.


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